The BAL at INFORMS 2023

December 1, 2023by Daniel Abib0

We had a great time attending the 2023 INFORMS Annual Meeting that took place between October 15th to October 18th in Phoenix, AZ. This is one of the largest conferences in the field of OR, with 6,000+ attendees and 1,400+ sessions.

The BAL had a strong presence at the conference with four presentations:

  • On October 15th, we had two presentations:
    • Cristián Bravo presented the work with Kamesh Korangi and Christophe Mues on “Large-Scale Portfolio Optimization using Graph Attention Networks”.


  • Daniel Abib presented the work with Cristián Bravo, Raffaella Calabrese, and María Óskarsdóttir on “Optimal Feature Split in Classification Models with Dependency”.


  • On October 17th, Sahab Zandi presented the work with Kamesh Korangi, María Óskarsdóttir, Christophe Mues, and Cristián Bravo on “Leveraging Dynamic Multilayer Networks for Modelling Credit Risk Contagion in SMEs”.


  • On October 18th, Yuhao (Jet) Zhou presented the work with Collins Ntim, María Óskarsdóttir, Matthew Davison, and Cristián Bravo on “Uncovering the Network Power Gap: A Deep Learning Approach to Investigating Gender Disparities in the Boardrooms of Canadian Public Firms”.


We also had fun trying a few good restaurants in Scottsdale, AZ!

This was a great chance to showcase the preprints that will come out in the next few months. Stay tuned for them!

Daniel Abib

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